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Airflow Diverters
Airflow Diverters

Airflow Diverters are use to guide the intake air for the engine room to the proper locations in order to feed the engines with an ample supply of combustion air and to efficiently cool the engine room to the engine manufacturer's specifications. Diverters function to split a single column of intake air that the intake fans are bringing into the engine room into two or three separate columns of air and then redirect those columns to places in the engine room where they are most needed.


Full Flow Type Diverter
Delta "T" Systems' Airflow Diverters come in two standard styles. The Full Flow type diverter comes standard with internally mounted turning vanes. The turning vanes have been engineered to straighten out the rotational forces of the air as it leaves the fan housing in order to enhance the linear flow of the air column. This leaves a cleaner and more efficient airflow, which results in higher fan efficiencies and more accurate distribution throughout the engine room. The housing of the Full Flow type diverter is made of marine grade aluminum and is available in mill finish or powder coated in any color. The turning blades are made of PVC for durability, corrosion resistance and weight reduction. The Full Flow type diverter has universal mounting capabilities. The use of an adaptor ring for mounting the diverter to the fan housing eliminates the need to match up bolthole patterns, thereby simplifying ordering and installation.


Standard Diverter
The second type of Airflow Diverter is the standard intake fan diverter as shown to the right. This type of diverter comes in five distinct types and is custom built for specific applications on board each vessel. These diverters are available in any size from 12 inches up through 60 inches and may also be custom made for any application. The bolt pattern on the standard diverters has been designed to mate up with the Delta "T" Systems' fan housings. They are constructed of welded marine grade aluminum and are available in mill finish or powder coated in any color.

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