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Fan Control Systems

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Delta "T" Systems designs and builds a line of A/C and D/C Control Systems for any engine room application. All control systems have been developed and refined over many years, both in our labs and in the field, and include all of the features that a captain or a ship's engineer could require. No other company in the world makes a more reliable, robust or dependable engine room ventilation control system. Thousands of successful systems worldwide have been operating trouble-free for as long as 12 years.

We are currently finalizing the next generation of each one of our control packages in order to upgrade each system with the latest in digital control technology. The new version of each one of Delta "T" Systems' control packages will be released for production during the first quarter of 2009.

Control System Types:
• P/T4 Automatic/Manual A/C Fan Control
• T4 Automatic/Manual A/C Fan Control
• C2 Manual A/C Fan Control
• DCT2 Automatic/Manual D/C Fan Control

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DC Fan Control System.pdf

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